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E-Mail: [email protected] (This is my preferred method of communication)

Text: 818-416-3039

I’m Jenn. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, BDSM 101 educator, Poly Support group leader, and active BDSM community lifestyle member.

I have decided to start this blog for several reasons.

One: To reach more Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire people who may be interested in, or benefit from, my BDSM 101 classes, poly support group, or need a kink friendly therapist.

Two: To give mainstream society and “kink-curious” folks – near and far – a friendly and realistic peek into the BDSM community from the perspective of an active member in the lifestyle. There is no reason your information should be coming from popular fan fiction or horror stories in the news!

Three: To help promote other people I know in the scene who maybe teach or create really cool stuff! I’m all about supporting my fellow kinksters!

This blog will include things like interesting articles I find and my opinion on them, a picture of some awesome fetish fashion or breathtaking photography I stumble across, stories of my own adventures in the scene, personal thoughts, etc.

So whether you are a newly active member of the scene, a seasoned “veteran”, kink-curious, kink supporter, or just love absorbing new information and want to understand more about it – I hope you enjoy your peek into my life as a kinkster, educator, therapist, and everyday girl in line behind you at the market.

I welcome your feedback, helpful criticisms, personal thoughts and – of course – your support!

*This is a personal blog and does not necessarily represent the feelings, thoughts, or opinions of others’ in the BDSM scene or the community in general.

9 thoughts on “CONTACT PAGE

  1. I am trying to locate someone within your field in my area. Specifically kink, poly, bdsm related. No idea what to look for in a search. Is there a directory or some resource that you can recomend? I live in the Houston, Texas area.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. hello have been looking at pet play and also was wondering if you knew about any beastality clubs around m i have taken a few of your classes before

    1. Not at this time – although having my classes available for download is something I am looking into doing. Not sure if you can call Sanctuary and order the 4 class package over the phone and have them set aside the class card for the person you are gifting them to – but it’s worth a shot! 🙂
      PS – also what a great idea!!

  3. I’m extremely excited about these upcoming classes and seminars and also hopefully for a chance to speak with Jenn one on one for some potential assistance with my current disposition since you are backed with certifications.

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