“I’ve been in therapy regularly for the past 12 years. I’ve seen a number of different therapists to support me with various issues. I’ve found therapy with Jenn Masri to be particularly helpful for me as I am transitioning from a monogamous relationship pattern to a polyamorous pattern. In addition, I am exploring BDSM. Although I dearly loved my previous therapist, he simply doesn’t have the knowledge base nor the experience and compassion Jenn has for clients embracing an alternative lifestyle. Jenn helps me to recognize that what I’m experiencing is very normal. I feel she is partnering with me and providing an anchor for me in this new and exciting chapter in my life. Thank you Jenn!”
Stacy N

When we first started seeing Jenn, we had hit a hard spot in our communication and relationship.  From our first session with Jenn we realized how comfortable we felt with her and left more connected.  Jenn has guided us through our best and worst and always done an amazing job of helping us understand and listen to each other.  We have grown beyond expected and we always feel a better sense of understanding after our sessions.  Her work with us has been invaluable to our relationship.  From kink to everyday life, she has helped us untangle the knots in our relationship.  Since we first started seeing Jenn as a boyfriend and girlfriend (M/s) going through a major rough spot, we have gotten engaged and married.

Thank you Jenn,

R and K

“Jenn was instrumental to steering me out of the chaos of many major life changes. I needed to embark on a journey of personal discovery and Jenn helped me meet my goals while guiding me towards self-actualization. She is knowledgeable and effective, I’d recommend her to anyone.”



“I had been in the scene for two years before attending the BDSM 101 classes and I almost thought it was a little silly to go because I wasn’t brand new anymore. However, I did expand my knowledge on dynamics and how even though one couple might be in a D/s dynamic, it can have completely different rules and protocols versus another D/s dynamic. I also learned different techniques of using impact toys and that even without any, your hands and body are your best tools. I believe that even if you aren’t new to the scene, you should still go through the BDSM 101 series. It’s a great refresher and, trust me, you’ll definitely learn something new!”



Article about Club Awakening in MEL magazine: https://melmagazine.com/a-night-of-bdsm-for-newbies-fbcc4ecce8d2#.n70qz1sid

“Club awakening is always a lot of fun to attend and it is a tremendous honor to represent my Sir and our family while volunteering for this event. It is very well organized and a great party for newbies. It delivers exactly what is expected and then some. We are always more than happy to help out!”

“Club Awakening has been the absolute best social experience I’ve had in the BDSM community as a newbie. The hands-on tutorials, approachable support staff and various  booths make CA like a friendly chaperone into the community. I feel so lucky to have been lead in this direction as someone who is interested in learning more about what I like. This event has become a safe introduction into the lifestyle. I assumed BDSM was scary and taboo.  Club Awakening and the 101 series has shown me I’m not alone and that’s a wonderful feeling.”                  -Liiiz

“I feel privileged I can take this opportunity to publicly show my appreciation for Jenn Masri. Her efforts to organize, supervise and coordinate Club Awakening with its schedule of activities and group of volunteers is beyond impressive. She recognized the need novices had for intro events and filled it not just once but month after month after month. At the parties she’s personable, approachable and in total control (and gorgeous!). My first CA was in my first month in the scene and I’ve returned every month since. I credit CA as having had the biggest impact on my growth in the lifestyle. Jenn and Club Awakening are inseparable and I can’t imagine one without the other.”
–Edd R.
“This was my first Awakening, and also my first opportunity to be in a BDSM dungeon or a large group event meant specifically for BDSM purposes. I have to say, it was beyond fantastic!! I feel incredibly lucky to have been introduced to Awakening, and to have had the opportunity to meet so many people and try so many new things in a safe and welcoming environment. The volunteers were all incredible, and even the non-volunteering members went out of their way to be friendly, welcoming, etc. I was able to try some new things and meet new people- I especially love the idea of stations! Can’t thank you enough for putting this together. Kisses and thanks to everyone who helps put these together <3”


“Poly group was one of the first places I found myself when I started learning about the LA BDSM scene. While poly and bdsm are not the same, the overlaps make the group a very warm, welcoming, and safe space to discuss all kinds of things.  Jenn’s facilitation of the group ensures we all get time to talk. But more importantly, she lends her wisdom as a therapist, which is so valuable. She helps everyone feel comfortable and welcome in what can sometimes be an intimidating space. Thank you Jenn!”