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Even though SanctuaryLAX is taking every precaution to make sure that this event is safe and in compliance with CDC codes, please understand that public gatherings, even socially distanced ones, involve a higher risk than virtual encounters.

SanctuaryLAX will only be allowing vaccinated guests to attend this in-person party!
Please bring proof of your vaccination by showing us your completed vaccination card at the door! If you show up and cannot provide proof of your full vaccination, you will be turned away with no refund. Please do not purchase a ticket for this event if you are not fully vaccinated. Thank you!

What is SanctuaryLAX doing to ensure that this event is safe, controlled, and compliant with current covid-19 restrictions?

SanctuaryLAX is taking great care to make this in-person event as safe as possible. We are aware of CDC guidelines and will be instigating the following measures to ensure that guests and volunteer staff are not exposed to unnecessary risk:

Requiring Masks: Masks are currently not mandatory at vaccinated-only events, however, always check event page as we get closer to see if we will require them or not!

Call Outs- REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN IN FULL TO GUESTS WHO CALL OUT SICK BEFOREHAND. GUESTS WHO ARRIVE ILL WILL NOT BE GIVEN A REFUND! Please do not show up to this event sick or with symptoms of illness.

Administering Hand Sanitizer: Guests will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering our facility and may be asked to use hand sanitizer again upon exiting.

Tickets Purchased Beforehand: All tickets will be purchased beforehand to minimize the need for contact. This means that nobody will need to handle credit cards or cash. Please do not attempt to purchase a ticket at the door. We will only allow people through who have registered online via Eventbrite and reserved their space by paying in advance.

Upholding CDC Occupancy: As CDC guidelines continue to change, we will continue to honor them. Our in-person events and classes are vaccination only, which means that our occupancy numbers will reflect that.

Now let’s get back to the party details:


…after announcements! Meet some of the volunteers and ask any questions you still have after hearing the announcements!

Pre-sale tickets will be available to purchase online for $30/person (early bird) or $35/person (regular admission)

To reduce contact and handling of money at the front desk there will be LIMITED tickets sold at the door for $40.

Arrive before 9:30pm and you get one free ticket!

Guests who bring a potluck dish will receive FIVE TICKETS! The potluck item you bring must be store bought and unopened AND/OR individually packaged. If your item does not meet these standards you will not receive extra tickets and the item will be thrown away or you can check it with your bags and get it back at the end of the night.

Pre-play party announcements will happen at 9:35pm so we can open up the rooms and get to playing even sooner than ever! 🙂

Looking for a way to add a unique toy to your collection? Last month we had 3 generous gifts to raffle off – wonder what we will have this month? Get your FIRST TICKET FREE by arriving before 9:30pm. The drawing will happen at midnight – so don’t miss out!!!


COAT AND BAG CHECK: For just $3 you can check your coat AND your TOY BAG! A safe place to store your stuff until you’re ready to play!!  You can pre-pay for the coat check when you buy your ticket!

PICTURE BOOTH: As soon as announcements are done the “picture booth” will open until 11pm in Hecate (the small red room at the end of the hall past shower). A volunteer will take your picture using YOUR CELL PHONE ONLY. Take this opportunity to get a pic in a dungeon before you go play!

VENDORS: Excited to announce we will have one or two vendors at this party! This is a great way to start or add to your toy bag!

Join the Group page for announcements and more info!:

This is the party for you if you are new to the scene (1-2 years or less) OR are bringing someone new. Don’t worry – even if you aren’t new, this party is open to ALL! It will feature more seasoned volunteers to run a handful of various “tasting booths”, including hands-on play, crops and canes, paddles, floggers, and rope. (And a special surprise booth!) As well as “Volunteer Assistants” to not only welcome everyone, but also answer questions, help you through the process of negotiation for a scene, and/or simply point you in the right direction. In addition, there will also be experienced practice bottoms in case you want to try something new from the Top side!

To maintain safety and encourage Safe, Sane & Consensual (SSC) play there will be no alcohol or drugs allowed and no edge play (unless it is a booth taster).

Also – this is not a members-only event, therefore, no fluid exchange including genital/genital or oral/genital sex as well as no penetration. (There are plenty of other parties you can attend for that.) However, you can GET NEKKED! 😀

Water is provided. Sanctuary is selling soda, energy drinks and nachos! Food/snacks will also be provided as well as any potluck items that people want to bring to share! NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED. Remember – if you bring food to share you will get 5 free raffle tickets at the door! This should be something you grab at the market that is unopened– munchies are always appreciated no matter what!

**Note regarding parking – we have a limited number of parking spots and only so much curb – so if it’s possible for you to carpool with friends or you’re close enough to Uber/Lyft I highly recommend doing that. 🙂

Schedule of events:
9-9:45pm: Social hour – time to nibble, socialize, and check out the vendors!
9:45pm: Jenn will gather everyone to explain the rules, basic party protocol, negotiation reminders and introduce the volunteers
Newbie Orientation!
Picture booth will open until 11pm
10pm (or as soon as announcements are done) until 2am: Booths will open and the play party begins!

2am: We say goodnight!


2023 Party Dates!!

Obviously if anything changes we will make adjustments – but this is the projection for 2023. I hope you can make it out!!!

I will update with links as soon as the event pages are created.

April 15th
Fetlife Event page:
Eventbrite page for tickets:

May 27th
Fetlife Event page:
Eventbrite page for tickets:

June 10th
Fet event page:
Link for tickets:

July 8th
Fet event page:
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August 12th
Fet event page:
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September 9th
Fet event page:
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October 21st
Fet event page:
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November 11th
Fet event page:
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December 9th
Fet event page:
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